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The Construction Buyers Guide
Choosing the Right Delivery System for Your Project

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At Construction Concepts we are committed to matching the right delivery system to your project.  Every owner has their own unique set of objectives that must be achieved for the project to be considered a success. Our team approach is to offer straight talk and clear explanations on the pros and cons of a variety of delivery systems. Choosing the contracting method, in the best interest of the project, ensures that every job will be a success.

Contact Us to learn more about the various delivery systems and how we can help choose the right one to best meet your needs.

Ask for a copy of The Construction Buyers Guide:

"Rules You Should Know
Before You Build Your Important Project"

by Jack Miller

This guide for the buyer of construction explains:

  • How can I be sure I get maximum value for my investment?
  • Five approaches to consider
  • Bidding contractor
  • The bidding process
  • Bidding Vs negotiating
  • Design / Build Example of a phase-by-phase design / build service proposal
  • Advantages of design / build
  • Fast tracking
  • Construction manager with no general contractor
  • Advantages of using a construction manager with no general contractor
  • Construction manager with a general contractor
  • Advantages of using a construction manager with a general contractor
  • Construction manager also acting as general contractor
  • Tests and inspection checklist
  • Typical items included in total project cost
  • Sources of cost information
  • Reasonable fees and profit
  • Sources of standard contract documents
  • How to select your contractor
  • Checklist for choosing your contractor
  • What they expect from you
  • Some suggestions
  • Conclusion


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